Content is King in SEO- truth or myth?

Content is king” is one of the most heard quotations in the digital world, especially with marketing people discussing it every time. But in this article, let’s discuss how true this statement stands or does it evolve as a myth for an average SEO.

According to a SEO if you know the right way in link building, it is king. Most people don’t know how to build links the right way so they tell you content is king because producing content is so much easier than getting good links to point to your website.

As part of an SEO company, best SEO services with great content and link building that goes hand in hand. The phrase actually needs to be rephrased to tell the real story. Instead, ‘Great Content Strategy + SEO Is King’ is what people should be saying.

There are three important factors that produce successful content and drive traffic to increase sales. 

1. Create a Great Content Strategy

How to write SEO rich content is the basic criteria, as any content marketer would think about. This fits the purpose of the audience you’re writing for. For instance, you can create content for Guest Post Tracker to SEO companies and consultants.

Create amazing content that fills the needs of a group, so that you can withstand as an authority in the SEO space. As a Digital Marketing Agency in London, we help many SEO companies that know and trust our services to build awesome links.

Create a list of blog post ideas to address the needs of your audience. Adding content just to rank for a certain key phrase is not enough. Adding great content that your target audience will truly benefit from is the strategy that will drive traffic, and links.

2. Create Search Engine Friendly Content

Purposeful content that replicates your business products and services is always important. You need not implement jargon while promoting your business via ads, but keep it to be SEO rich and understandable to anyone looking at the content.

Assess and insert certain key phrases to rank for better on Google. The key phrases especially for small businesses need to be targeted with key phrases and see that they are repeated only once or twice, for a good SEO reach.

Your blogs need to be relevant with business. Compare and write for targeted traffic. Your content strategy should be to use the content on your website to get buyers to visit your website by targeting phrases in your industry.

3. Create Amazing Content That Solves a Problem

As an SEO Company in London, Digital Media Ads provide all the useful information for your users, to solve various issues with products or services. And Of course, this is possible via blogs, faq’s, newsletters, etc.

You need to create the amazing content that will solve a problem that your customer might have. If a potential customer is leaving your platform, this definitely indicates he/she had a bad experience with your business. In such cases, try solving issues at the earliest.