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Emails are checked frequently throughout the day as the smartphone revolution continues to decrease our attention span and occupy our 5-minute breaks. This means that potential clients are easier to reach. Email marketing services are an excellent approach to create relationships with new and existing consumers while also increasing brand awareness. Email marketing is the direct transmission of a message to a group of individuals via email. We can ensure that your email marketing is personal, targeted, and motivating to persuade subscribers to purchase by using the proper data and customised language. These email newsletters are often distributed on a regular basis to a customer list.

Email marketing agency in London is ideal for capitalising on this enhanced accessibility, as reaching out to your customers is now faster and easier than ever.

Why You Should Consider Email Marketing

Digital Media Advertising are experts at increasing engagement with Email Marketing. We can help you reach the outcomes you want by advertising new products, conveying deals and discounts, or increasing brand awareness in your network. Individuals are no longer solely utilising email to communicate with family and friends. 61% of consumers prefer brands to contact them via email, which is great news for your company.

Working With A Email Marketing Agency

Email Marketing Agency, whether for E-commerce or Lead Generation, are a powerful tool to engage your audience throughout their journey. Because certain aspects of Email Marketing can be automated, it can also be an efficient approach to generate communications with your audience. Our team of experts always recommends combining automated workflows with product and seasonal promotions. Integrate email campaigns with overall content strategy, and our Email Marketing Services in London may help your company start and promote larger initiatives.

Email Marketing Campaigns That Drive Results

We handle everything from audience segmentation to automation, allowing you to spend more time working on the business rather than in it.

The real growth metrics

We’ll help you focus on the metrics that matter the most, such as revenue per email, revenue per subscriber, and list growth rate, rather than just open rate and CTR.

A complete strategy

We’ll work with you to create automated sequences like Abandoned Carts, Post-Purchase Upsells, and more to ensure no potential money is lost.

Create repeat customers

With campaigns directed by your brand story and driven by business growth, you can convert first-time purchasers into lifelong customers.

Our email strategy

While our tried-and-true techniques will guide your email marketing, they will also be led by the values, ideas, and concepts you want your company to portray.

Process of Our Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services may be made more intuitive and time-efficient with automated workflows, maximising the potential for brand building and conversions. The following are some examples of recommended automation:

Welcome emails for new subscribers & customers: This is an excellent method for engaging audiences in e-commerce or lead generation. Remember that every email should have a call to action (call-to-action). Never send an email without a goal in mind; that goal should be reflected in your CTA.

Product recommendations to gauge customer interest: Personalised product recommendations via email automation are one of the best things you can do in e-commerce. Setting up a behavioural trigger in your CRM, for example, so you may recommend products based on what your customer has already explored.

Offers / Incentives triggered by behaviours on the website: Everyone likes a promo code or a prize! The wonderful thing about email automation is that it allows you to target clients based on behavioural triggers (many visits to a product page), dwell duration, and so on.

Customer feedback & review emails: This can be an excellent approach to increase communication with existing clients as well as return visitors to your website.

Re-engagement email campaigns: Has a once-faithful customer vanished off the face of the earth? The good news is that email automation can assist in bringing them back to your website.

Building An Ultimate Email List

  • When it comes to optimising the key areas of Email Marketing Services in London, we begin with arguably the most important. Building an email list and ensuring that the right people opt into your email communications:
  • Prove something they need: When you ask for someone’s email, make sure there’s something valuable in it for them, whether it’s a promo code or early access to a new product or sale, a new recipe suggestion or another piece of thoughtful content, or the chance to win a prize.
  • Offer valuable content: To collect email addresses and provide high-quality content. Remember to encourage customers to share content with their friends and/or via social media.
  • Facebook Lead Ads: These can be video or photo-based but must be visually appealing. They are targeted to your audiences and, thus, the most effective way to grow your email marketing list. Test and optimise which lead magnets work best for your audience. 

A Professional Email Marketing Agency To Fulfill Your Needs

Working with Digital Media Ads means working with an email marketing thought leader. This is due to our deep understanding of modern email communication practises, our best-in-class email marketing services, our team’s hands-on experience with all major email software, and our understanding of various email regulations. Above all, it is our passion and ability to create robust email programmes that work every time for all sizes of businesses. Though we strive for campaign effectiveness and efficiency, our primary goal is to build strong, long-lasting relationships through email.

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